Our Activities

Since 1956, the CPRI has been actively involved in the broader community educating the public on the history of Polish-Canadians through lectures, conferences, and exhibits. The Institute has also collaborated with various Canadian archives in preserving Polish-Canadian history. Below is a sample list of our activities.

2014 KARTA International Conference on Community Archives and Public History

  • Dr. Gabriela Pawlus Kasprzak, “Community Archives in Canada: A Flea Market for Social Historians”

2014 American Historical Association Conference, New York City

  • Dr. Gabriela Pawlus Kasprzak, “Mediating Nationalism: The Case of Gazeta Katolicka in Interwar Canada.”

2014 Institute of National Remembrance and the New Acts Archives, Warsaw

  • Dr. Gabriela Pawlus Kasprzak, “Polish Immigrants in the Collections of Library and Archives Canada”

2012 Lecture at the Polish General Consulate of the Republic of Poland

  • Agnieszka Szewczyk, PhD Candidate, Loughborough University “Polish Graduate Migrants in the UK”
  • Dr. Joana Lustanski, “How Polish Immigrants in Canada Play with English Words”
  • Jacek Kozak, M.A., “How the Polish Created Canada.”

2011 Quo Vadis III: Tools for Success Conference, Toronto

  • Dr. Joanna Lustanski, “Ethnic Self-Identity of the Polish Minority Group in Canada”

2009 Polish Spirit Exhibit (in collaboration Polish Canadian Women’s Federation), Mississauga City Hall

  • Display of archival materials describing Polish Canadian history

2009 Polish pro-Independence Refugees in Europe and around the World and its role in helping a post-Yalta National 1945-1990 Conference, Warsaw, Poland

  • Dr. Edward Soltys, “Activities of Canadian Polonia Concerning Independence.

2009 The Role of the Polish Community in Obtaining Assistance for the Polish Nation from the International Community, 1981-1989 Conference, Zielona Góra, Poland

  • Dr. Edward Soltys, “Activities of the Canadian Polish Research Institute in Toronto. Canadian Polonia helping Poland.”

2005 I Congress of Polish Scientific Societies Abroad, Kraków

  • Dr. Iwona Bogorya-Buczkowska and Dr. Maria Budziakowska, “Organizations in Canada: Their Activities and Collaboration with Poland”

1991 Exhibit at the Toronto City Hall

  • Exhibition of over 200 works of art by Polish pre- and post-Solidarity artists

1986 Symposium on “Protecting the Polish Cultural Heritage”

  • Myron Momryk, LAC (previously Public Archives)
  • Eugene Martel, Ontario Archives
  • Krzysztof Gebhard, Saskatechwan Archives
  • Mary Stevens, Director of the East European and Slavic Section, University of Toronto Library

1980s University of Toronto Library

  • Deposit of materials on pre- and post-War Poland

1970s-80s Lectures, Toronto

  • Dr. V. Szyrynski, “Psychological Aspects of Success of Polish Immigrants in Canada”
  • Benedykt Heydenkorn, “Sociological Picture of Canadian Polonia”
  • Dr. J. Wojciechowski, “The future of Polonia, Problems and Possibilities”

1978 CPRI Exhibit at the World Polonia Congress

  • “Polonica Canadiana”
  • “Polish Perspectives”

1976-8 Collaboration with Ontario Archives and Multicultural Historical Society of Ontario

  • Deposit of materials

1974 VIII World Convention of Sociologists, Montreal

  • Workshops and Papers presented by Rudolph Kogler, Benedykt Heydenkorn, Joanna Matejko, Henryk Radecki, Jacek Adolf, Fr. Piotr Taras