Manuscript Submissions

We require that all authors submit a proposal with information about their manuscript. It should describe what your book will be about, why it is important, and who is it intended for (i.e., audience).

The book proposal needs to include the following information:

  1. A short description: Provide the title and description of the work in no more than two paragraphs (max. 500 words)—what is the objective of the work; what is unique about the work; why your work is important; and how does it fit the mandate of the Canadian Polish Research Institute.
  2. Table of Contents: Provide a complete Table of Contents and a short description (max. 150 words) for each chapter.
  3. Technical Details: Provide the planned length of the book (i.e., word count); the language it will be written in; the number of illustrations/images (if applicable); the tentative date of completion for the manuscript; whether the intended book is to be published as a print book, e-book, or both; confirming that the author has copyright to all material (e.g., images, graphics, etc.) presented in the manuscript.
  4. Audience and Market Considerations: Specify the target audience for the publication. You should describe how your book will be similar to, as well as different from, the competition in style, topical coverage, and depth.
  5. Funding: Identify list of sources of funding that will support the publication of this book.
  6. Copyright: Specify whether the Canadian Polish Research Institute will be granted non- exclusive right to publish, sell, and/or license the publication and sale of all or any portion of the work, or any derivation thereof, in any form, style, or manner now known or hereafter invented.
  7. Sample Chapter: Provide a draft of one chapter of the manuscript, if available. Alternatively provide a detailed outline of one chapter.
  8. Author Information: Provide an up-to-date CV, Resume, or biographical description. Explain why you are the best person to write the book.